Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Days

This week has been great

Started off with FHE with the SA's in our ward and that was just good fun. 

On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Chong-Nee and that was too much fun..haha joke but I love going on exchanges with Sister Chong-Nee. She reminds me of Hawaii..haha. They are shotgunning the area so its brand new, we walked a lot and knocked on lots of doors and big gates. Most people wouldn't open up for us but sister Chong-Nee says you just have to know some people will reject you but there's nothing wrong because... 
"blessings come after rejection."

Friday was Sister Falgui's birthday and we celebrated with dinner appointment after dinner appointment. Oh man we felt like dying at the end of the night- people are just too good to us sometimes. 

Saturday we helped with the stake mini-mtc and that was cool to teach a bunch of youth and get them excited about serving missions and being missionaries right now, we can all be missionaries right now.

Jannah also had her interview and she will be baptized next Saturday! Yay, she's way cooler than I was at 9 and knows so much about the gospel. We made her little cards with reminders about gospel principles and she was so excited to meet with us because she had been studying them all week! 

Oh and I taught Relief Society on Sunday..WHAT!!??
I just found out that morning. Reminded me of when dad would call me on Saturday nights to tell me I was speaking on Sunday. Good times.Good times. 

Today we had a family day activity at the church since its a holiday here. Haha
It was great we had an egg toss and it was a raw egg..we didn't know that and Sister Falgui caught one and it exploded on her. But our team won that game, so...worth it.  #champion

Life is great and I love being a missionary
Hope you all love what you are doing to, and if not remember the most wonderful thing about life is we can all change. Its is the very essence of the message of the gospel. 

Sister Mahe

Monday, August 18, 2014

Today I'm Grateful for....

This has just been another great week.

Missions are great because you have really hard times and really good times but when you sit down to really think about things its like only good things have been happening. It a blessing and I'm grateful for it!
The legacy of the grateful circle:
So when I went to Tonga back in 2009 with the AYS group every night before prayer and scripture study we said one thing we were grateful for that day. I LOVE IT. So when I got home I made my family do it. I loved it and it always made us stop to think about our blessings and Gods hand in our day. My friends and I also did a group text with one grateful the summer before I came out on my mission. And in the MTC we did it as a district. I love the grateful circle...
And it never dies, this week I felt like we needed to do it with our investigators the Abit family. And it was wonderful, brother and sister where both there and one of their daughters and you can really tell a lot about a persons day by what they say when its their turn. Then you can know how to help.
Also lets be honest if you say "I can't think of anything, today was bad." You are lying. Bad days are no joke but there is always and I mean always something to be grateful for. Like that you are alive, that washing machines exist, music, shoes, sun, rain, the beach, family, friends, pets, new clothes, old clothes....seriously anything right?
I'm just glad I have parents who taught me to be grateful, to say please and especially to say thank you.
I am so grateful for the gospel and it overwhelms me to think of God's love for me and for each of you. Can you even fathom it? I really just can't. We read John 3:16 with one of our new investigators Wendy last week and asked her how it made her feel, she just said "Grateful, I don't really know how else to say it."
This week I'm grateful for the Matsumaru and Guion family and the love and spirit we feel there.Also grateful we sing hymns in their lessons and sang silent night last night. #MerryChristmas
I'm also grateful for Jannah who is only 9 and has such a strong desire to be baptized and never fails to think of us and bring us treats on Sunday.
Grateful to be a missionary always
I am so grateful that we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves us so much he gave us a plan so we could have
eternal peace and happiness.
Sister Mahe