Monday, April 28, 2014

Nutella and other things

Family and Friends, 

So have you watched Because of Him? This is my way of following up since I cant actually ask you in person? #missionarythings 
Its awesome. 

We watched it with Christian and I think he got a little teary eyed and he was so real with us afterwards. The spirit was strong. It was so real. I think that is the most amazing thing about the Holy Spirit it is something you can never deny and those are the moments you hold on to. 

I'm in a trio now! So its me, Sister Soifua and Sister Cobing (from Davao)
We are kinda awesome and loving the work! We are going all out trying to work with the members and just really get them to catch the wave 
Oh which reminds me didnt Odessa have a missionary activity about that a while ago? What was it? When I tell people I'm from Tampa FL they are like "Oh like on the work of Salvation videos?" Your examples of missionary are being noticed by those around the WORLD! 

We didnt feel like cooking this past friday so we ordered pizza..haha #american 
So we went dont to pick it up and met Doria from Bangladesh whose husband works at the embassy here..she is so cool and we went up (she lives on the floor above us) and she gave us something to drink and just talked for a while which was a little difficult because she doesnt speak tagalog and only a little english. 
We told her we would love to join her in language study to help with tagalog and we are hoping that starts this week. 

Sister Vergie, shes a less active who we just found. She actually joined the church while abroad in Samoa as a seamstress and knows a lot of the areas Sister Soifua is from! Small World! Anyways she is like the coolest lola in town. 
she came to church this sunday which was the best. 

She also had taught me so much about praying, in her last prayer with us she said "Dear God I love you and all of us in the room know you are just the best" 
So sweet and sincere, her prayers are so real. I love listening to her pray because when she does you just KNOW she is talking with God. I have been trying to make my prayers more heartfelt and sincere this week. 

2 Nephi 25:25
"We are made alive in Christ because of our faith

Oh also I got the Nutella from Aunt Beth!!! AHHHH we were all so excited when we picked it up at the mission office! YOU ARE THE BEST AUNT BETH! 
We all love you and will be thinking about how grateful we are when we finish it this week..haha 

Oh also the word in the ward is President Obama is coming to Manila this week? A member was asking us about that because obviously we are American..but we also have no idea whats going on outside our missionary world. 

Anyway I love you all and America and this Gospel

Sister Mahe 

Monday, April 21, 2014

because of Him

Happy Easter Family and Friends! 

So this week has been exciting for many reasons heres a few

- We had a zone activity so we got to watch the movie Frozen..right? So cool..we were all super excited and the movie was wayy cute
- Sister Soifua made cheesecake and musubi on Easter #blessedshecancook
- Lorna came to church! She is so great and her testimony is changing her so much..shes got a light about her..for real! 
-Our bishop is so great! Bishop Espie, he graduated from BYUH and so did his wife, we even found out we went there at the same time..what a coincedence.Bishop and Sister Espie
- The members keep feeding us, one day we went to eat and then right after we went to Jennifers and she had already bought us mcdonalds ( which here they have chicken and rice)
- We went to visit a less active and asked if he had anyone that needs the message of the gospel and he referred these girls just sitting on the sidewalk haha
It was great they asked a lot of questions and we are excited to continue teaching them. 
 This was such a perfect day. She was so excited when we met up at the church and after she whispered to me and sister soifua 
parang yung pinaka linis tao sa buong mundo..she felt like the cleanest person in the whole world, she also told us how she had so much else on her mind but as soon as she went into the water she just felt so much peace. 
Also her visa has gone through so quickly which is a blessing, she might be in Utah by excited to be able to see her even after my mission! 

So this is amazing, watch it, I even here its trending on twitter

I share my testimony that He lives. He has never felt so real to me than here on my mission as a struggle, as I experience overwhelming happiness and disappointment, as I watch others change, as I watch myself change. And I know it is ALL BECAUSE OF HIM. He died for each of us and HE LIVES. 
His influence in our lives is real, it is not just this wonderful idea it is true and it is beautiful. I know he lives and I know because of this we will all have the opportunity to have eternal joy with him as we live lives that will bring us closer to him each day. 

Oh how beautiful this gospel is

Sister Mahe 

Instagram missionary style...haha this is the road to our house in Palawan
Genie and Boboy and baby Zacu 
Staceys Baptism with some of the young women in branch 1 
With Diosa at the Magbanuas farm in Palawan

Monday, April 14, 2014

Life in the City

Family and Friends, 

My wonderful time on my beautiful island of Palawan has come to an end and I'm here in Manila, in Makati City!!!

It has been a little bit of culture shock all over again. There are buildings and cars everywhere! I think I actually might be in a different country. 

Sister Soifua is my companion! We are batch and flew over from the states to the MTC together. We were kind of nervous because we are both foreigners and have been in the field only 4 months. We are still baby missionaries! Haha but we are so excited our area is overflowing with people..and potential. 

We have a baptism this Saturday for Jennifer and guess what, just like my recent convert in Palawan she is dating a member from Utah. Which is super exciting because by the time we finish our missions she will be living there.. Maybe all my recent converts will just move to the states so we can have reunions always! 

Oh and on my last night in Palawan we stopped by Genie and Boboy's. Genie was so excited to tell us he has been off smoking and drinking for 3 days. It was the best farewell present ever. Before we left Genie was telling me how she was sad I was leaving because we have become such good friends and it felt like we had been friends for so much longer. I know for sure that is true, the Lord places people in our lives, friends from before this time to help and grow with here on earth. What an amazing thing! 

I've been trying to send pictures forever and can't get my usb to time na lang (taglish there) 

So I have like 5 minutes left on the clock..more notes from Conference to follow next pday...

Pero ito isa lang talaga gusto ko galing sa sunday session

I loved President Monson's closing remarks.. 

"As we ponder the messages we have heard, may we resolve to do a little better than we have done in the past.  May we be kind and loving to those who do not share our beliefs and our standards.  The Savior brought to this earth a message of love and goodwill to all men and women.  May we ever follow His example." 

May we always be doing this
xoxo, Sister Mahe

Saying for the week is from the Puerto Princesa city slogan
"Hindi Bukas kundi ngayon"...."Not Tomorrow But TODAY!" 
Nice huh? 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hair Cuts and Mac N' Cheese

Happy Days Lahat, 

So me and Sister Slade just got back from lunch with Vanessa and Gary- It was sweet we ate at this vegetarian mexican place. Ironic and delicious. 

So Vanessa and Gary are officially, she has the most beautiful ring- he proposed at the temple. Seriously they are great and I cannot wait for them to be sealed! Also Gary brought us Mac n Cheese and Jelly Beans from the states...We've eaten most of it by now. 

As we watched the womens conference on saturday I just felt so blessed to have the mom and sisters I do..cause honestly they are awesome. I was so blessed to be raised in a home by faithful parents whose lives point towards the temple. Also they are just pretty awesome company. 

Oh also I CUT MY HAIR..well Sister Burt did. It was getting crazy jungle woman long and it is soooo hot here. She came over tuesday night and the whole time she kept saying  "its so dark I cant see what Im doing" 
I was frightened the entire time..but I think it looks good and its still up most of the time, but bucket showers take less time now. I've accepted the fact the water is going to be weak the whole summer. We pray for rain on the daily. 

So we had rough time friday night when we found out due to circumstances the Gonzalez would be moving back to El Nido about 8 hours away. Where there are no missionaries or branches yet. We shared with them 3 Nephi 28:10 about how the greatest day is when we will all meet again in the kingdom of God. That just made us all cry. Me and Sister Slade are hoping maybe we'll be the first to open an area in El Nido, anything is possible with faith. 

But it is such a beautiful blessing cause ya know things happen, life is FULL of unexpected events but as we live righteously we can expect eternal happiness. 

Sunday was great we had 11 investigators at church! 11 souls people! 
It was testimony meeting and so me and sister slade bear our testimonies and Virgina (our investigator of about 2 weeks) ask us if anyone can share their testimony of Jesus Christ. After we told her yes she went up and shared how much The Savior and God have blessed her life and how much she and her family have been trying to get to work and this week they were able to and she felt the spirit. She said she has been looking for the true church...this is true stuff people, this gospel is real and changes lives. 

We had Family Home Evenings with the Magbanuas again this Sunday, it was fast sunday so we broke our fast before and just ate like cray. 

Stretch yourself this week, think of things beyond your easy grasp and make them happen! 

Mahal ko kayo, 
Sister Mahe