Monday, April 28, 2014

Nutella and other things

Family and Friends, 

So have you watched Because of Him? This is my way of following up since I cant actually ask you in person? #missionarythings 
Its awesome. 

We watched it with Christian and I think he got a little teary eyed and he was so real with us afterwards. The spirit was strong. It was so real. I think that is the most amazing thing about the Holy Spirit it is something you can never deny and those are the moments you hold on to. 

I'm in a trio now! So its me, Sister Soifua and Sister Cobing (from Davao)
We are kinda awesome and loving the work! We are going all out trying to work with the members and just really get them to catch the wave 
Oh which reminds me didnt Odessa have a missionary activity about that a while ago? What was it? When I tell people I'm from Tampa FL they are like "Oh like on the work of Salvation videos?" Your examples of missionary are being noticed by those around the WORLD! 

We didnt feel like cooking this past friday so we ordered pizza..haha #american 
So we went dont to pick it up and met Doria from Bangladesh whose husband works at the embassy here..she is so cool and we went up (she lives on the floor above us) and she gave us something to drink and just talked for a while which was a little difficult because she doesnt speak tagalog and only a little english. 
We told her we would love to join her in language study to help with tagalog and we are hoping that starts this week. 

Sister Vergie, shes a less active who we just found. She actually joined the church while abroad in Samoa as a seamstress and knows a lot of the areas Sister Soifua is from! Small World! Anyways she is like the coolest lola in town. 
she came to church this sunday which was the best. 

She also had taught me so much about praying, in her last prayer with us she said "Dear God I love you and all of us in the room know you are just the best" 
So sweet and sincere, her prayers are so real. I love listening to her pray because when she does you just KNOW she is talking with God. I have been trying to make my prayers more heartfelt and sincere this week. 

2 Nephi 25:25
"We are made alive in Christ because of our faith

Oh also I got the Nutella from Aunt Beth!!! AHHHH we were all so excited when we picked it up at the mission office! YOU ARE THE BEST AUNT BETH! 
We all love you and will be thinking about how grateful we are when we finish it this week..haha 

Oh also the word in the ward is President Obama is coming to Manila this week? A member was asking us about that because obviously we are American..but we also have no idea whats going on outside our missionary world. 

Anyway I love you all and America and this Gospel

Sister Mahe 

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