Monday, April 21, 2014

because of Him

Happy Easter Family and Friends! 

So this week has been exciting for many reasons heres a few

- We had a zone activity so we got to watch the movie Frozen..right? So cool..we were all super excited and the movie was wayy cute
- Sister Soifua made cheesecake and musubi on Easter #blessedshecancook
- Lorna came to church! She is so great and her testimony is changing her so much..shes got a light about her..for real! 
-Our bishop is so great! Bishop Espie, he graduated from BYUH and so did his wife, we even found out we went there at the same time..what a coincedence.Bishop and Sister Espie
- The members keep feeding us, one day we went to eat and then right after we went to Jennifers and she had already bought us mcdonalds ( which here they have chicken and rice)
- We went to visit a less active and asked if he had anyone that needs the message of the gospel and he referred these girls just sitting on the sidewalk haha
It was great they asked a lot of questions and we are excited to continue teaching them. 
 This was such a perfect day. She was so excited when we met up at the church and after she whispered to me and sister soifua 
parang yung pinaka linis tao sa buong mundo..she felt like the cleanest person in the whole world, she also told us how she had so much else on her mind but as soon as she went into the water she just felt so much peace. 
Also her visa has gone through so quickly which is a blessing, she might be in Utah by excited to be able to see her even after my mission! 

So this is amazing, watch it, I even here its trending on twitter

I share my testimony that He lives. He has never felt so real to me than here on my mission as a struggle, as I experience overwhelming happiness and disappointment, as I watch others change, as I watch myself change. And I know it is ALL BECAUSE OF HIM. He died for each of us and HE LIVES. 
His influence in our lives is real, it is not just this wonderful idea it is true and it is beautiful. I know he lives and I know because of this we will all have the opportunity to have eternal joy with him as we live lives that will bring us closer to him each day. 

Oh how beautiful this gospel is

Sister Mahe 

Instagram missionary style...haha this is the road to our house in Palawan
Genie and Boboy and baby Zacu 
Staceys Baptism with some of the young women in branch 1 
With Diosa at the Magbanuas farm in Palawan

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