Monday, May 26, 2014

Miracles on Miracles

Family and Friends,

Ahh the miracles have seemed endless this week. Blessed...that describes my feelings this week.

So right after I sent my email last week, Sister Kei (Bishops wife) texted us and came to pick us up from the email shop. She said she would be our chauffer for the day. She also filled our fridge with food from The Malate family and others in the ward. It was AMAZING and they gave us a bunch of American goodies was a tender mercy. So we only had to do a little shopping. Sister Kei also taught us how to find the best and cheapest items.

After that we had a belated birthday lunch for Sister Soifua and then went shopping at this magical place that has brand name clothes for super cheap peso prices. So we are all stylish sisters now.

OUR WARD IS AMAZING..cant emphasize that enough.
Its a blessing to be here at this time getting to work with the people I am surrounded by.

Later we went bowling with the Albania family and the AP's. We won of course (jk we didn't but fun none the less)

And then we went to their house to teach Christian..who finally accepted a baptismal date. He is great and will do amazing things for this church.

After that I was feeling super sick and had a fever (don't worry mom, fine now)
So we had to stay in on Tuesday because I still had a fever and Sister Soifua got sick too. Guess you cant have it all? (Just kidding you can, its called the gospel of Jesus Christ)

The next day we all felt reenergized and in the evening taught Sister Beth who is GETTING BAPTIZED this Saturday #moremiracles. It went great..she is so prepared and has been for a long time now. She reads the scriptures all the time and not just like flipping page, but really immersing herself in the doctrine.
She has lots of support from Sister Jane, a member who is her good friend.
We love Sister Jane..she is just the best and I know she is probably also going to read this when its up on the blog. Love you Sister Jane. She feeds us a lot and doesn't let us leave till we finish. This week it was Pizza ( another miracle) and Sister Beth brought us McDonalds to that lesson too. So yep we are always spiritually and physically full.

We also met with Rose and Edwin this week, at the chapel before the Elders baptism. They are so amazing everyone, like really just amazing. They are the couple me and the other sisters just started talking to one day. They have been coming to church ever since and any activities we have. They are just so prepared and I am so grateful god trusted us enough to put us in their path. I think that is the miracle of this transfer even maybe. They have become so close to us and the ward  in such short time. Clearly it was meant to be.

On Sunday Sister Kei taught relief society on Elder Andersons talk about Spiritual Whirlwinds.
My favorite thought from it was that

Heavenly Father made you strong and capable

And He did it a long time ago. He knew you couldn't handle the trails. He knew they would make you strong. And He wants to walk by your side as you pass through them.

We can all learn from the trials. And we can all witness miracles. I think they are happening all the time. All around us really.
I pray we can all see the miracles God is already
blessing us with.

Love you all!
Sister Mahe

Sunday, May 18, 2014

You Don't Stop Until You've Given Your Best, Your Very BEST!

Family and Friends, 

"But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ." 
Mosiah 16:7

This scripture has had an even more significant strength for us in the mission this week.  Just a few days ago we found out that Sister Soifua's father passed away. We were all just sitting in Presidents office crying and praying and trying to comfort her in this trial she has been given. But then miracles started to happen, right after that we promised a less active we would visit them before they moved, so thats what we did. Then we remembered we had a lesson with an investigator, so thats what we did. We kept pushing forward. 
Sister Soifuas faith has been so strong. As Sister Candy told us on Sunday 

"Faith brings Confidence 

I know that is so true faith brings confidence in our purpose her, confidence in the gospel and Gods Plan of Happiness for our families. The grave has no victory and the sting of death is swallowed up in Him who gave His life for us all. 

We had a much needed zone conference after the news came. It was all about having faith and acting and doing your very best. Putting in all your effort, because in the end it wont matter how many things or awards we had but the pure effort we put into all we do. 

Times of trial put in focus the important things that can be blurred out by life. I hope we are all trying to come unto or back to Christ EVERYDAY. Dont stop. If you havent been reading your scriptures, START. If you havent been to church in a while, GO BACK. If you havent let the people you love know, SHOW THEM. 

Anything that is getting in the way of bringing you closer to Christ,JUST STOP. JUST STOP IT. 
The Lord needs you, others need you, you need this. 

The gospel is so true and I love it so much, nothing brings more peace and happiness. 

Make sure to SMILE today and this whole week, There is so much to be happy about, 
Mahal Kita
Sister Mahe

Monday, May 12, 2014


This was a busy and wonderful week! It started with zone meeting and then temple day and then a half day waiting at government offices to make sure my visa is set. All is well and life is oh so wonderful. 

It is still all the time. If it were not for electric fans I'm not sure I would survive life here. But were about to be in rainy season so hopefully we get some wind. I'm also never sure how hot it actually is because everything is in Celsius. I should have payed more attention to that in classes. 

We were able to visit the Amper/ Soliestre family this week. They are all members except their father and the mother was less active for many many years until her kids started asking her about church. She said she wanted to return to the ways she had been raised so told her kids the next time they saw missionaries to stop them and bring them back to the house. So that is just what lucky did when he was 15 years old. And they have been active ever since. Lucky works with us when he can and his testimony is so amazing.He cant wait to go on a mission hopefully next year. He is such an example of hardwork as he works at McDonalds all day and then comes home and drives his dads trike because he has Parkinson and cant always work. Its inspiring really and just testifies to me that this gospel is true. In hard time and good times. IT IS TRUE. 

Rose and Edwin 
So they are GOLDEN and we just met them last week and had two lessons and they are already in the Book of Mormon and came to church on Sunday.Which was perfect because it was all about mothers and Rose loved it, especially when her two kids sang with the other primary children. We have been praying and praying for a family that is prepared to receive the gospel. And we are all pretty sure our prayers have been answered. 

I am beyond grateful for the technology that allowed me to see the beautiful faces of my family..Oh how I have missed them! 
Mom you are the best. There is no denying that. All that is good about me I learned from you. Thank you for teaching me how to drive. Thank you for making summer fun and planning vacations. Thank you for cooking, because youre great at it. Thank you for teaching me to pray and helping me with homework. Thank you for teaching me to be kind, polite and respectful to other. To look both ways before I cross the street and table manners too. Thank you for teaching me to love other and myself. Thank you for teaching me to love God, Jesus Christ and His gospel. 

I am grateful for you mom, and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to share this gospel so that all mothers have to chance to receive the blessing of the gospel in their life for their families. 

"They had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them. And they reherased unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it." 

I like Helamans warriors have never doubted the testimony of my mother. Which allowed me to truly gain a testimony for myself as I walked in the path that my mother followed, which has always been a path of righteousness. 

Happy Mothers day today and everyday, 
Sister Mahe 


Monday, May 5, 2014

Exciting Things

This week has been AMAZING!
We are in a trio so we are all about getting as much done as we can! We have been trying to get out ward excited and praying for ways to work with them. And they have been answered!
We went on 3 way splits twice this week and had splits once and had members working with the 3 of us the other days! 
On Saturday we went on splits with the youth and their leaders and it was so so fun..I miss being a youth #old Our appointments for the night fell through so we just started street contacting and to hear the youth share their testimonies with complete strangers is just something else..its kinda magical to see the strong spirits they have.
Oh and we have been trying to meet with all our leaders to get their visions and know what we can do to "always be a blessing and never a burden" For this area. So we have had sooo many dinner appointments like everyday. One day every single one of our appointments had food..ah we died when we got home that night. Jennifer continues to feed us every.single. time we see her #notcomplaining
Oh also totally feeling the love from home this week..Mom I got your package! SOOO Awesome you are the coolest. And talias letter was precious I cried..It happened.
Sister Cobing loves the Mac N' Cheese..she had never tried it before. American Na Siya (Shes American now)
We were in our apartment one day and Doria came over! She is the super cool lady from Bangladesh that we are going to start having language study with.
Oh funny for this week so we went over to Sogi Moras house (He is so awesome and his mom is like the first pinay pilot and dating manny paqiuos trainer) Anyways we COULD NOT find his house. It was #74 and we found #73 and #75 but only a wall in between. We thought maybe it was like Harry Potter style and Sister Soifua almost tried running through the wall but we decided against it. Anyways we found it in a completely different side of the they assign house numbers will forever be a mystery to me.
We had temple day today and it was so perfect! Go to the temple!
Mothers Day is soon and I can't wait to see my pretty family! I'm glad you had a good anniversary mom and dad! You are the best, but really you are. President Stucki always says missions increase your love for your parents and it is so true!
Also I have tons of pictures to send but I cant find the usb cord on this computer #technologyproblems
Going to the embassy to get some stuff for my visa done tomorrow..
Also it is blazing hot here! 
"We have to be happy when its hot!" Sister Soifua tells us that on days when I just think Im about to die because it is gross hot.

3 Nephi 18:31..Read It
Christ is our shepherd and know each of us so personally.
I love you all and hope this finds you well.
Ingat Po, 
Sister Mahe
P.S we are so excited for next Pday Sister Kay (Bishops wife) is taking us shopping to all the places that make name brands but at peso prices..the sister missionary dream.