Monday, May 26, 2014

Miracles on Miracles

Family and Friends,

Ahh the miracles have seemed endless this week. Blessed...that describes my feelings this week.

So right after I sent my email last week, Sister Kei (Bishops wife) texted us and came to pick us up from the email shop. She said she would be our chauffer for the day. She also filled our fridge with food from The Malate family and others in the ward. It was AMAZING and they gave us a bunch of American goodies was a tender mercy. So we only had to do a little shopping. Sister Kei also taught us how to find the best and cheapest items.

After that we had a belated birthday lunch for Sister Soifua and then went shopping at this magical place that has brand name clothes for super cheap peso prices. So we are all stylish sisters now.

OUR WARD IS AMAZING..cant emphasize that enough.
Its a blessing to be here at this time getting to work with the people I am surrounded by.

Later we went bowling with the Albania family and the AP's. We won of course (jk we didn't but fun none the less)

And then we went to their house to teach Christian..who finally accepted a baptismal date. He is great and will do amazing things for this church.

After that I was feeling super sick and had a fever (don't worry mom, fine now)
So we had to stay in on Tuesday because I still had a fever and Sister Soifua got sick too. Guess you cant have it all? (Just kidding you can, its called the gospel of Jesus Christ)

The next day we all felt reenergized and in the evening taught Sister Beth who is GETTING BAPTIZED this Saturday #moremiracles. It went great..she is so prepared and has been for a long time now. She reads the scriptures all the time and not just like flipping page, but really immersing herself in the doctrine.
She has lots of support from Sister Jane, a member who is her good friend.
We love Sister Jane..she is just the best and I know she is probably also going to read this when its up on the blog. Love you Sister Jane. She feeds us a lot and doesn't let us leave till we finish. This week it was Pizza ( another miracle) and Sister Beth brought us McDonalds to that lesson too. So yep we are always spiritually and physically full.

We also met with Rose and Edwin this week, at the chapel before the Elders baptism. They are so amazing everyone, like really just amazing. They are the couple me and the other sisters just started talking to one day. They have been coming to church ever since and any activities we have. They are just so prepared and I am so grateful god trusted us enough to put us in their path. I think that is the miracle of this transfer even maybe. They have become so close to us and the ward  in such short time. Clearly it was meant to be.

On Sunday Sister Kei taught relief society on Elder Andersons talk about Spiritual Whirlwinds.
My favorite thought from it was that

Heavenly Father made you strong and capable

And He did it a long time ago. He knew you couldn't handle the trails. He knew they would make you strong. And He wants to walk by your side as you pass through them.

We can all learn from the trials. And we can all witness miracles. I think they are happening all the time. All around us really.
I pray we can all see the miracles God is already
blessing us with.

Love you all!
Sister Mahe

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