Monday, June 9, 2014

Another beautiful week


Many a changes have happened this week!
Transfers came, Sister Soifua is in Palawan now, and Sister Cobing and I are here in Makati for another round. Our ward gained another set of sisters too! (Sister Basulugan who was in Palawan too and Sister Ram from Fiji or is a veteran and goes home next transfer)

Because of the changes the boundaries of our area changes. We split our area with the new sisters and gained an area of the AP Elders. Its been fun finding our way around and finding people to teach in the new area.

Before Barangay San Antonio was no longer our area we visited Sister Molina, the coolest 90 year old I ever did meet! Something she said stood out to me,

   "When you give your best, God gives His best back to you."

May we all always be giving our best, in whatever we do. So that we can always be worthy to receive the best God want to give to us.

Read It
Jacob 6:12 (Classic advice for all times)

All is well over here, especially since yesterday at church Sister Beth brought me two bags of oreos from her and Sister Jane #ifeelthelove

Sister Mahe

Heres a few pictures too :)

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