Monday, May 5, 2014

Exciting Things

This week has been AMAZING!
We are in a trio so we are all about getting as much done as we can! We have been trying to get out ward excited and praying for ways to work with them. And they have been answered!
We went on 3 way splits twice this week and had splits once and had members working with the 3 of us the other days! 
On Saturday we went on splits with the youth and their leaders and it was so so fun..I miss being a youth #old Our appointments for the night fell through so we just started street contacting and to hear the youth share their testimonies with complete strangers is just something else..its kinda magical to see the strong spirits they have.
Oh and we have been trying to meet with all our leaders to get their visions and know what we can do to "always be a blessing and never a burden" For this area. So we have had sooo many dinner appointments like everyday. One day every single one of our appointments had food..ah we died when we got home that night. Jennifer continues to feed us every.single. time we see her #notcomplaining
Oh also totally feeling the love from home this week..Mom I got your package! SOOO Awesome you are the coolest. And talias letter was precious I cried..It happened.
Sister Cobing loves the Mac N' Cheese..she had never tried it before. American Na Siya (Shes American now)
We were in our apartment one day and Doria came over! She is the super cool lady from Bangladesh that we are going to start having language study with.
Oh funny for this week so we went over to Sogi Moras house (He is so awesome and his mom is like the first pinay pilot and dating manny paqiuos trainer) Anyways we COULD NOT find his house. It was #74 and we found #73 and #75 but only a wall in between. We thought maybe it was like Harry Potter style and Sister Soifua almost tried running through the wall but we decided against it. Anyways we found it in a completely different side of the they assign house numbers will forever be a mystery to me.
We had temple day today and it was so perfect! Go to the temple!
Mothers Day is soon and I can't wait to see my pretty family! I'm glad you had a good anniversary mom and dad! You are the best, but really you are. President Stucki always says missions increase your love for your parents and it is so true!
Also I have tons of pictures to send but I cant find the usb cord on this computer #technologyproblems
Going to the embassy to get some stuff for my visa done tomorrow..
Also it is blazing hot here! 
"We have to be happy when its hot!" Sister Soifua tells us that on days when I just think Im about to die because it is gross hot.

3 Nephi 18:31..Read It
Christ is our shepherd and know each of us so personally.
I love you all and hope this finds you well.
Ingat Po, 
Sister Mahe
P.S we are so excited for next Pday Sister Kay (Bishops wife) is taking us shopping to all the places that make name brands but at peso prices..the sister missionary dream.

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