Monday, March 17, 2014


Just kidding my subject line is super dramatic.... but last week Sister Slade came up with this great idea to give up sweets to understand and as a challenge for our investigator with a smoking problem. Joke, it actually is an amazing idea. And we have been able to feel at least a tiny amount of how hard it has been for him to give up smoking which has been an addiction since he was about 12. But Bryan is amazing and wants so badly to be baptized so he can take his family to the temple! We have so much faith in him!

But I mean I am having serious I had been living off of this is probably really good for me anyways. 

We had a BAPTISM on saturday, Stacey who is 12. She is so cool and smart. She is also like an all star tennis player (like practice every day for a few hours) She is the Santos's grand-daughter. They are an amazing and strong family and stacey had recently moved in with them and started taking the lessons with us and her progression went amazingly fast because she started reading the Book of Mormon and praying ever night. Sometimes when she would talk I was like are you sure you are 12 because they would be things I didnt even think about that were so insightful. ( I'll try to send pictures next week) 

Oh so last night we visited some less actives and then tried to find a referral the elders gave us and everyone we asked kept saying oh yep just walk a little thing you know we are walking for like 45 minutes #sundaywalks 

But it was so worth it because we found the referral Elma and we met her daughter whose name is LIAHONA!!! She had been given a Book of Mormon and read it when she was pregnant and liked the name so used it! We are super excited to visit her again this week and have high hopes! 

Ether 12:4 
"Faith maketh and anchor to the souls of men" 
So beautiful right? Everything in life goes back to faith! It is the foundation of all that brings lasting goodness and happiness in our lives

Oh also Happy St.Patricks Day!! 
Not sure that really exist over here...rocking my Irish pride still though..haha 

Oh also Miranda- I loved your email in tagalog..I translated it for language it again..hahah 

Ahh I have no time left to time na lang. 

Have a beautiful week!

Love you all, 
Sister Mahe 

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