Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Bride

This week I will try and attempt to make my letter shorter, Talia tells me my letters are too long..hahah

So this morning after we woke up super early to get our laundry done (handwashing) we found that the shower water was out so we all had to take bucket showers..Oh the joys of a foreign mission. Of course right after we all finished getting ready the water comes back on. 

Also who invented washing and drying machines? Why dont I know their name because seriously they are amazing and contributed to society incredibly.I will never complain about laundry again when I can use a machine..ok I might but I promise it will be at least a year after I get home. 

Anyways this week has be filled and busy and awesome, even though...

We got dropped twice this week, by Peter and the Hirardo Family. Peter just told us he was too old and we should spend our time helping younger people and the family told us they just werent ready to receive our message. But both told us to always come by and say hi and that they wanted to be friends.When they told us they werent interested I felt like I could literally feel my heart breaking. But I know that even though now isnt the right time one day it will be. I think they are some people I will just never stop praying for. 

So the subject line? We have been visiting Boboy and Genie a lot this week, because they are really progressing. We set a plan for Boboy to quit smoking and told them to pray together about what they should do in regards to setting plans to be married. The first time we talked about the Law of Chastity it was just Boboy and then just Genie. We were nervous because Boboy really wants to be baptized but didnt think Genie would want to get married. Then we talked to Genie and she said she does she has just been waiting for him to ask!! She said she feels like Anne Hathaway in Princess diaries and if he asked she would be so happy. She still isnt sure about baptism but she wants Boboy too so badly because she knows he wants it and has seen the changes he is making. There is always so much happiness when we go visit them. #ismylifealovestory? 

Anyways they are planning to get married in April and Genie asked if Booby could just get baptized after the ceremony..UMM YESSS! 

They are an amazing family and I cannot wait to continue in this journey with them. 

Time is running out over here so I'll try to get more in next week

But- Can everyone send me addresses..I know it may be like months before you get my letters but I want to send letters cause ya know who doesnt like those and our zone leaders are taking mail to manila next week- so send them to me by next sunday (cause it will be my pday monday here) 

Be kind and Be considerate..the Lord needs you to be an instrument in helping others

Love you all
Sister Mahe

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