Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Happening in Puerto

This week has been great. It started off really great with Zone Conference, and just went up. President Stucki asked a question that really stuck with me, "Does everyone that sees you know that you love what you are doing?" I mean I smile a lot, but does everyone know? Can they feel the love I have for this gospel? I hope so, so that has been something I strive for every day I wake up- HAPPINESS! 

Also MOM! Thanks for the valentines package-Ah you are seriously the best, I got it at the church and I'm still working on my patience so I couldn't wait to open it. So me and all the other missionaries ate the candy. 

And I'm happy to hear Lex is home and safe - girls got some knees of iron! 
And she was able to share the gospel with a Filipino! And then I just got an email from Dad saying he met some other Filipinos interested in the church! 
What!? Talaga miracle naman (Serious miracle) Haha but really that just brought the biggest smile to my face! 

Oh and I dont know if I wrote this already, but I got Marilyns package too! Like the best-I grew up surrounded with the coolest people. The hand warmers were probably my favorite, excited to find a reason to use those :)  

Things have been great here, last week Sister Slade and I taught Peter - he is from Italy. Haha random, so our lesson was in english- weird. I kept thinking of things to say and then I was like wait no that tagalog. But it was an awesome experience to teach a lesson in my native language! We are going back this week so Im excited about that. 

We also met a wonderful family, they run a bakery close to where we live- so you might guess how we met them. Hahaha yep because we are always eating there! Eating with a purpose I'd say. 

We also have been visiting the Gaite family a less active part member family who I just love! Sister pea-wee is my favorite she is hilarious and always super welcoming. The spirit is always really strong there. One day last week just sister was home so we were just going to share a scripture thought, but she ended up sharing with us in doctrine and covenants 35:22

"And now I say unto you, tarry with him, and he shall journey with you.." 

I LOVE THAT. I love that if we labor in the Lords work, he will always journey right beside us. 

All my love, 
Sister Mahe

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