Monday, February 17, 2014

Cloudy and Perfect

To describe the weather here this week our recent convert said "its like a girl..moody" And it is so true! Some days it is so horribly hot and humid and then some it is like torrential down pour. But my favorite are cloudy days

We were walking and it was sooo hot and then it got windy and cloudy and me and Slade both agree this was our favorite kind of weather. Sorry tourist. 

Anyways this week was amazing. We had zone meeting and when we left I just felt so uplifted, I was like ahh lets just go teach all our Puerto Princessa, and then all of Palawan! But it was like almost 9 so we had to go home..haha. But dont worry I havent forgotten the goals I made, because whats the point of meetings if you dont take what you learn and apply them!? 

The Elders in our ward had a baptism this week, so we went with our investigator Stacey who is 13 and  we had a lesson with her at the church and some of the other young women came to teach with us. Right in the middle of teaching the plan of salvation the power went out, haha but we kept going and just used our phone flash light. The power was still out and right before the baptism happened the generator kicked in and it came on! Oh how the Lord works in mysterious ways. 

Scripture thought for the day: 
Alma 57:25 
"..there was not one soul of them who did perish; yea and neither was there one soul among them who had not received many wounds." 

The story of Helamans warriors in the Book of Mormon. It is maybe one of my favorite, but then again it is like impossible to choose. Anyways I love its relevance to me, to you, to all people. Life is hard sometimes, lots of times but we are promised the Lords help when we follow him. Just as these warriors we can come out triumphant, which does not mean we will come out perfect without any trials. We will all receive our so called wounds in life, but we will never perish if we remain faithful. 

In a talk by Gene R Cook he reiterates how, 

The Lord will NEVER tempt us, but he will ALWAYS TRY us. 

Many times people we teach loose faith when trials come, but that is not the time to loose faith! It is the time to DOUBLE your faith! It is my favorite to hear our investigators or less actives talk about a struggle and then follow up with but I know I can keep going..cause Im like I KNOW IT TOO! As we say over here KAYA MO YEN! 
And of course our Heavenly Father knows we can overcome our trials, he always has and he is waiting and willing to help us grow and learn through them. 

Keep the Faith Always! 
Sister Mahe

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  1. Wow! Savannah, you are truly growing in our Lords work! Way to go! A true disciple of God. We love and pray for you and your companions and the dear people of the Phillipines