Monday, July 21, 2014

Big Mac and BFF fries....

Haha its not really the subject of my email, just what we ate for lunch.
McDonalds delivers here and Sister Baraeta our housemate from Kiribati has never had Macdo before so it happened...
Anyways this week has been eventful and amazing!
I feel like I maybe say that every week and you don't really believe me, but honestly crazy things and miracles happen out here.
On Monday we ate at the Albania's house and she made the most delicious lasagna. Spaghetti and stuff like that here is usually super sweet-but hers was like Italian style and it felt a little like home. The Albania family is the greatest, the are the definition of a missionary family. They always invite us to teach their friends and family, they work with us during the week, and alwaysss feed us. They are a blessing.
On Tuesday we sent off Sister Ram and had District meeting and they told us about the bagyo or typhoon that was coming and so our first priority needed to be getting our 72-hour kits ready and getting back to our apartment by 6pm. So we did. It was pretty calm that night.
On Wednesday we got a text at 5am telling us transfers were canceled and to stay inside until we received permission to leave. That's when the winds picked up. We lost power and water. So getting ready was an adventure. Luckily we have a generator so we had lights, just no water.
Around 2 we found our transfers would go on so we headed to the chapel!
Luckily there wasn't too much damage just lots of trees down and a few power lines.

And then we went to the mission home to meet our new missionaries!!!
I'm training Sister Falgui, she is a Filipina and super great! Really she is already a pro at this. Its funny because before we knew who we would be training while eating dinner she said, "I hope you'll be my trainer, you look kind" Hahah what can I say I have a kind face..jokes. Anyways it was fun to find out she is my anak here in the mission!
On Thursday the Elders delivered us two huge bags of food from the Malate Family-they are the best and always fill up our we don't even have to do shopping today #blessings
Keep feeding the missionaries mom and dad, We are getting the blessing!

Then Saturday
Rose and Edwins Baptism
It was kind of magical and so beautiful.
To see this family enter the waters of baptism, they are converted to the gospel and have let Christ in their lives, they have let his love and Atonement change them.
I will forever be grateful for the prompting Sister Cobing, Sister Soifua and I had to stop and talk to them. It has been a miracle.
When Edwin bore his testimony, he said after he came out of the water it felt like God had given him a second chance.
Rose shared that after her first time at church she went home and said "Oh so this is how its suppose to feel" It is the spirit that touched her heart and led them to that day.
Oh and on Sunday 3 new investigators for us just "showed up at church" and want us to start teaching them.Can you say miracle?
Stay Good and Remember
" The key to anything is to keep an eternal perspective"
Sister Mahe

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