Monday, July 14, 2014

Transfer Days

Wow..suwerte kayo

It means you're lucky because....
two emails from Sister Mahe this week..I thought I send the email last week but guess I just wrote it and forgot to hit send.
This week has been great. We had fun following up with people we met that accepted return appointments. Brother Antonio is one, we went back and he said he has met missionaries from a lot of different faith and never lets them in, but when he saw us he saw his children. Another is Sister Sony who said she never lets missionaries in but said there was something different about us. And then Sister Raquel we met one day because we offered to help with her laundry, she didnt let us but let us come back and started crying when we read a verse in the Book of Mormon to her. I don't know what will happen with these people, but its amazing how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can open doors and hearts when nothing else could.
We did some service this week too, we help our investigators the Abit family make BBQ for their shop..hehe it was fun.
We also helped some of the single adults in our ward paint their new house a bunch of them moved into which is right next to our apartment. Its the best because sometimes on our way home they just tell us to come over and feed us. Its the greatest.
Rose and Edwin are getting baptized this Saturday!!!! Ahhh
Feeling on cloud nine. It is just so amazing to see the gospel change lives and make good people better and fill everyone with happiness.
More pictures and their story next week....
Also I'm a nanay na! Which means I'm training, President Ostler called Friday night. He asked how I felt about getting a new missionary and I was just like "umm that would be fine" hahah but really as nervous as I am to train my excitement is greater. Probably because I had the best trainer ever (who goes home this week #weird)
Oh also Sister Cobing is going to Palawan..not in my last area but close and she will live in the house we use to be in #nandezlegacycontinues
Heres to a week full of baptisms, rain, and training newbies (I still feel like I'm a baby missionary)
Sister Mahe

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