Sunday, September 7, 2014

8 minutes to write this.....

This week was so great and I wish I could fill you in on every little thing, but that would just take another week.
Matsumaru and Guion family time, I love visiting these people! We always have such a good time teaching them and answering their questions and helping them come unto Christ. Oh and singing, we love singing in our lessons with them and its always funny because we all share one or two hymn books so everyone is always on a different line of tune... and then we all just end up laughing and singing.
We also went over on Saturday for Hershey's 18th birthday, cause you know

it isnt a party until the missionaries show up
On Saturday we had Jannah's baptism!!! It was so wonderful and there were 4 baptisms total that day in our ward! Four souls that had a desire and acted upon it and are now dedicated to keep following Christ. And 3 of them were children, it just made me realize what a blessing it is to have the gospel young and to be able to have Christ as a foundation for life.
Side notes
-There is this thing here that everyone does to their hair, its called "rebond" and straightens you hair for like a year (yep talia you would love it) anyways my companion is trying to convince me to do it. Votes?
- Also everyone here uses whitening soap, lotion everythinggg. In the US we use tanning products, here it is whitening. I'm gonna need to tan for sure after the missioin since I've been using whitening soap so far #oops
-I ate fish eyeballs at dinner..they were delicious
-Mahe family reunion, is that really happening without me? Joke just send me lots of pictures!! So glad I'm a Mahe!
Going bowling with the ward missionaries and leader after this..
Oh and Read The Ostler's family blog..they are the coolest!
"Shall the words of Christ, if we follow their course, carry us beyond this vale of sorrow into a far better land of promise."
Alma 37:45
I know this is true and that no matter what course our lives are currently on we can always get back, we can always come back unto Christ. I know this because I've read the scriptures and I try my very best everyday to live them. I know that Christ lives and I feel his love and I feel closer to him as I read the scriptures.
I love you all and hope this finds you happy and well,
Sister Mahe

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