Friday, November 29, 2013


Magandang Hapon,
Its been a really nice morning(umaga) and afternoon(hapon) here(dito) in the(sa) Philippines.
This week went by sobra fast!!! (very fast). The days still feel like forever but then all the sudden we're in the district room planning and like, Oh my we are already almost finished with week 3! The oldest batch or intake of missionaries leave to their areas on wendesday. So the batch I'm in will be the senior batch! And we get to start proselyting and teaching in the city for a few hours once a week! A little terrifying because (dahil) I'm not a tagalog pro yet. Pero ok lang dahil, kami (we) will just be masaya (happy) and subukan (try) our hardest to speak the language and meet people. Filipinos are all so nice and friendly too, so that makes it a lot less intimidating. The grammar is funny too, because me and my kasama laugh a lot once we leave our lessons and just say "Man we must sound like a bunch of adults with the vocabulary of a 1st grader". Pero if the spirit is there and we can convey our mensahe (message) with love and conviction, the language and cultural gaps will be filled. It was a bit weird eating fish and rice on thanksgiving..and I mean fish like the whole fish still with its eyes looking at me on my plate. Pero (but) I have so much to be grateful for so my heart was full. On Tuesday Elder Arden, an area authority came to speak to us. It was perpekto and what I needed to hear!
The premise of his and his wife's talk were about not forgetting your purpose as a missionary and the work you have been entrusted to fulfill. It is a privilege to be a missionary and wear the name of JesuCristo on my tag.
Elder Arden said this " We wont be perfect in this life. Don't panic, it will be alright."
He also said on the occasion when you have the need to ask yourself the question "Why am I even here?" ALWAYS remember the answer, "Because God called YOU HERE!"
WOAHHH and what more of a reason do I need to be the best missionary I can be. To work harder when I feel sad and homesick. To have the spirit to always be with me so I can open my mouth and speak the words The Lord would have me.
He also shared with us a scripture that I have always just passed over.
The Lord heals a man of palsy of his sins, but that miracle is not enough and the people need him to heal his disease to know he is the Savior. I think we often have the thought that the Lord doesn't perform modern day miracles. But it is not so. Through the atonement we can all be cleansed of our sins, from the pain of a broken inner soul. This is the miracle of all miracles. This is the miracle that matters. And this is the miracle that JesuCristo at Diyos (God) continue to bless us with. He has not forgotten or forsaken us. He never will. Alam ko po dito katotohanan. (I know this is the truth)

"Keep trying. Be believing. BE HAPPY. Don't get discouraged. Everything will work out."
- Gordon B. Hinckley
(Thanks for sending me that quote Sam, much needed and appreciated.)
Salamat Po family and friends
Until next P-day,
I love you all, Mahal lahat
Sister Mahe

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