Friday, November 22, 2013

Surviving Week Two!

Magandang Hapon mga tao (Good Afternoon People!)  
{Or at least I think that is how you say it.}

This week we have been learning a lot of grammar about the language. My word (salita) is is hard! It is exactly the opposite language structure as english so you can imagine the frustration it has been causing. But all is well, I have no doubts it will come and soon the people of the Philippines will tell me to stop talking so much! I love the MTC and mga gurros (the teachers) so much. They are the coolest. P-days are always fun because as soon as we wake up we get to eat breakfast and head over to the temple which is right across the street! And there is this super sweet underground tunnel from the MTC to the Temple, so we don't have to cross the insanely crazy traffic! Have you ever heard of a jeepney? Look it up, thats my form of transportation for the next 18 months..I'm so excited to experience it! 

The MTC is great and so nice, everyone says not to take it for granted! Becasue here we get awesome meals, showers, and clean water..oh and there are laundry machines. In the field, bucket showers, there is no drinakable water unless it comes from a sealed bottle, but they gave us self filtering water bottles that we can use for a whole two years! Oh and the laundry we have to do that in the river so I'll be super domestic next time you see me! Me and my kasama (companion) look out into the city all the time and dream about when we get to go out there and meet and teach our people! Which is December 18th by the way, until then we are learning and growing so much here at the Missionary Training Center! 

We teach 'investigators' every day and sometimes a couple and that is always a bit stressful becasue the language is still at like 1st grade level. But it is amazing how the spirit works! We were teaching Lucilia and she just kept falling asleep during lessons and was sassy the first time we met, the next time we prayed so hard before we went in to teach her and honeslty I can't even remeber what I said or what she said, all I know is that we understood each other perfectly. I think thats been my favorite part of this week, really understanding why I'm a missionary and why I came on a mission. Its becasue I love The Lord and I have seen his love and blessings in my life and want so badly for others to understand that, it is heartbreaking to hear our investigators say Diyos (God) doesnt care about their lives and will not answer their prayer..because it is completely not true! I know he is involved in the details of our lives, he wants to hear from you! He wants to help you..but it takes action, it takes faith! I know answers don't always come in the moment, or even that day, or week, or month..but I can promise you they will always come. So be of good cheer and have a little faith! 

The MTC is such a cool place to be because you see spiritual experiences happening all around! The other day we were walking around the garden and saw an elder reading his scriptures, sisters praying together, people planning lessons and preparing to teach. Its a pretty wonderful place to be. I love gym time too, haha I'm pretty horrible at volleyball but eveyone lets me play and I have a feeling I'll be kinda amazing by week 6...thats if I can stop getting knocked out by all the spikes from the polynesians! 

My district which is made up of 10 missionaries is amazing too! We are all so so different but have the same purpose as missionaries and we always have fun! Our district leader is 18! Wut I know crazay My kasama and I are like the oldest of the batch so thats a little..umm weird? But its okay because we have young hearts and are probably also the coolest..haha joke lang (tagalog for lol jk) Also I can't wait until I can find an awesome sew girl or shop, because I am already sick of all my clothes..but its cool I rock the floral skirt and polka dot shirt look (right? probably not). 

Time is still such a blurr here! I'm trying to remeber everything that happen this week and my mind can go back as far as about an hour ago..haha. But this week seemed to speed by! Its so true that the days seem like and eternity and then all the sudden it's pday and your are finished with week two! Oh and I made my district start doing the grateful circle (like I do with my family) where we all have to say just one thing we are grateful for that day. It is great..and I just feel so grateful everyday that I always have something to be grateful for! I think the more challenging task would be to have a day no one was grateful for anything.. I think it would probably be impossible. 

Isa Ating Diyos isa ating lahat. 

P.S this computer does not have an enter button so sorry for the extremley long paragraph! {EDIT: Lindsey writing..I broke it up into paragraphs to post so it wouldn't be so confusing for you! You're welcome :) }

Please enjoy Thanksgiving for me, I will miss the turkey and stuffing, pie and football wathcing with dad and being around family and I hope you all will remember what matters most. Everyday is thanksgiving here at the MTC! I can't remember it exactly but there is a quote from Gordon B. Hinckley in our hall and it goes a little like If you want to be happy, lose yourself in helping others! So if you are finding yourself unhappy or down, get up and go out and find ways to help others- it is a sure cure for saddness! 
Be Happy! Masaya at Ngiti (Be happy and smile!) 

Mahal Kita,
Sister Mahe.  

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