Monday, January 20, 2014

Chicken feet and Croc face

Kumusta pamilya at mga kaibigan, 

Subject line? Two of the things I ate this week! 

The Chicken feet we ate with Sister Bombase, she was coming to appointments with us and we were waiting for another sister in our ward and she bought us some bbq. It looks like feet, well claws actually. Sister Thompson looked at me and said dont ask just do. So we ate it. It was weird. 

Crocodile face, we ate that today on a little outing to the crocodile farm with our branch missionaries. It was maybe the best tasting thing I have had here yet. Sobra MASARAP! Did I feel a little bad about looking at the crocodiles after eating one? Yes. I am sorry crocs. 

Oh also I need to make a shout out to Jaqui Ramsey!!! So after last pday and zone meeting we went back to the chapel and I got a package they forgot me to give me earlier. Jaqui sent me a CD of night in Bethlehem and swiss miss hot chocolate! And the sweetest letter ever, because she knows how much I missed being home for my favorite part of the season! It was just what I needed and I nearly started crying and showed it to everyone around! Love you Jac! 

This week was really great, Im starting to get a hang of the mission life and my sense of direction is getting a lot stronger..haha jk Im still always lost but not as much as before. Anyone that knows me can attest to my inability to remember directions. Oops, but its good because most of the time we just ask people where other people and places are. And thats how you are always finding new people to teach and I know we get lost sometimes because we need to find others on a different road. 

We were looking for a less active when we met Mylean, but she didnt know so Helen and Jane came over to see if they could help. We didnt even end up finding our less active appointment but we got return appointments to teach all of them! Coincidence...I think not! 

Oh also we had Vanessa's baptism this week! Ahhh she is the greatest. When she bore her testimony it was so sweet and pure and she expressed how she cant wait for the rest of her family to join her one day too. 

Oh also I had to speak in Church on sunday..I used taglish so some of what I said could be understood..haha. But I always just rely on the Holy Spirit, because well I have to. I dont know personally every person that I talk to and the needs in their hearts. But I know our savior does and that his gospel can help ANY problem or concern. And when you speak what the Spirit would have you. You just cannot go wrong no matter how horrible the words you say sound. Because the spirit speaks to hearts and minds more clearly that any person ever could. 

Tagalog 101
Agad- Immediately
We used this word a lot with Boboy on sunday. We were talking about faith and how faith it is seriously such an action word. When you read the scriptures and pray, it is rarely ever that a loud booming response will come agad. Or when you pray for faith it doesnt just appear all the sudden in your heart and mind like magic. You have to take that leap and when you do you will soon see how our Heavenly Father will allow your small leaps of faith to become the foundation of your life. 

PS. I have so many pictures to send and hopefully I can do that next week. I am technologically challenged soo... sorry bout it. 

I love you all and pray always that you are well, 
Sister Mahe  

Oh also my zone met all of their goals for December so we are going to the UNDERGROUND RIVER next week. I hear its a seven wonder of the world. So I mean that will be kind of amazing. 
When you set goals and prayerfully plan anything is possible! 

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