Monday, January 6, 2014

What a WEEK

Happy New Year, 

This week has been great and also really fast. New Years ever we had to be in by 6 and we got to have an FHE at the couple missionaries home with out zone. It was great Sister Burt made us Hawaiian haystacks and ice cream sundaes. 
The fireworks at night were insane! Me and sister thompson both woke up because it sounded like a mix of the world cup in brazil and also like there was a war outside. But somehow we fell asleep thank goodness! 

Are new years goal was to run more often, so we did except its kinda like a joke because we run up the street to the bakery and get some bread and buy mangos...hahah wateves.

But I think we are going to start, because on sunday we visited with a Sister that just moved from a southern island and her house floor is planks of bamboo and wood and seriously any movement by us and the whole house creeked and moved. Nothing to make you feel fat like almost breaking someones house. 

So this week has been really great with missionary work, that lady in the above story, we couldnt find her for the longest time so we had to ask around and thats when we met Edwin and his family. He moved her from a southern island too and made a return appointment with him and his wife. They are way cool and we will see them again this week. 

The Gonzalez family is always so amazing! This week Brother has been keeping all of his commitments and shared a scripture he came across in his reading from Moroni 10:32


I know that we can come unto Christ and be perfected in him, there is so much that is hard about this life. But nothing gives more hope than the gospel of Jesus Christ. AND THAT IS AMAZING! 

Oh and Sunday that was just the best and not because after Church me and Sister Thompson walked for like miles in the blazing hot sun oh and did I mention it was fast sunday so we were starving! Seriously I dont even know how long we were walking..its a blur but we did meet a lady we will be teaching this week..worth it! 

But sunday was great because of church- church is always great and this week NINE people we are teaching came to church as well as TWO less active families!!!! I could have cried as they all kept ok maybe I did a little. 

It made the day just seem so much more wonderful and beautiful I was so happy! 

I hope you are all well and keeping the faith!

P.S Side note we watch hastening the work clips all the time which Tampa FL Stake is all in. I am so blessed that it is my home stake. I love seeing so many familiar faces be examples of missionary work!! You are the greatest! 

Love you all 
Sister Mahe 

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