Monday, January 27, 2014

What to do when a monkey grabs your bag.....

Kumusta Po! 

I hope you are all well! 

Today was kinda awesome! We woke up at about 4 to get up and get ready to head to the Underground River as a Zone activity for Pday. It was absolutely beautiful! There is a boat you take to an island and then walk to a canoe. On the island there are just monkeys walking about!!!?? So there was one walking by me and I was trying to be calm. Then it got up and tried to pull my water bottle out of my bag!?? Haha I was like ahh do I give the monkey my bag? Is it going to eat my face off? Our tour guide was just like hey monkey move and it went away..Haha whattt? It was kinda hillarious. 

So if a monkey ever grabs you just say hey monkey move and hopefully it listens like they do here. 

So this week was full and busy! 
The sister training leaders came and we went on exchanges with them, Sister Thompson and I only got a few appointments with them though because they had to catch their flight back to Manila..but the time we had was so useful! 

They are so amazing at short and powerful lessons! People dont need to sit with you for hours to know the message you share is true. When you have the spirit and bring it to homes and teach simple truths about the restored gospel, it will testify to them. 

I also just have such a gratitude for my parents especially now. I have realized I am often selfish. My teacher in the MTC always said, the time before your mission and after your mission you will always have reason to be selfish, but this time this time you have is for the Lord and others, not yourself. And it just makes me think about you mom and dad and how much you care for me and for others. You are both two of the most positive influences in my life and I am eternally grateful that I have you. 

So this past sunday we met with Boboy again who is super interested and really enjoys reading the Book of Mormon. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and committed him to follow it and start a little here and work towards be completely obedient to it. So me and Sister Thompson are looking up scriptures for him to read each day. So he has his daily dose of scripture power! 

I know there is power in reading the words of God. He has given them to us for a reason because he wants to help us! We need only ask and search out diligently in the resources he has already given us! 

Love you all and I hope with all my heart your week is full of happiness!
Sister Mahe

from Sister Vanessa's baptism
in another part of the island with our branch missionaries on Pday
Eating crocodile
Sister Thompson passing out candy. Hahah that's how you get the kids to listen. This is at the Hernandez's our investigator. And some members the Gonzalez kids who came over for Angel Hernandez' birthday.
Our zone trip to the underground river! We got to ride in a boat and wear flip flops hahha it was weird. And soooo beautiful!
The underground river

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  1. glad to see that you're doing well and enjoying your mission! You're beautiful as ever! Xxoo