Sunday, January 12, 2014

puerto for one month? Check.


This Saturday I will have been in Puerto for one month..Wut wut, time flys when you are a missionary! And I hit my two month mark since I left home last week! 

This week is really exciting because we have two new families we are teaching and two investigators that our branch president has referred us to! Our Branch president is really the best, in council meeting he brought us Krispy Kreme donuts he brought back from mainland manila! It was the greatest! We also had FHE at his house last night with all his family ( like half of our branch) and it was masarap so good! 

And this Friday we have a baptism!!! YAYAYA. For Sister Vanessa, she is the coolest! She understands my broken tagalog and loves speaking english so I can always understand her..hahah. Her fiance is a member from California, me and Sister Thompson are already planning to go to her sealing in the temple one day..I CANT WAIT FOR THAT..I mean like I know I have to wait but seriously she is so amazing and if she wasnt getting married I'd say go on a mission because her testimony is so strong and her questions and insights always give me new reasons to be grateful for the gospel! 

Oh also the mission president and his wife are here today..yaya they are the best! And they also brought us mail!!!! We get mail whenever someone from the mainland philippines flys down to visit us in puerto princesa. 

Mom I got your package- peter pan peanut butter and nutella! Those are like GOLD here and all the other goodies, serisouly you are the greatest! 

Lex- I got your letters you are sending to Odessa missionaries- I LOVE THEM, please keep em coming you are such a super cool RM 

Cook and Henry families- I got your Christmas Cards!! Ahh they are too cute and I love your families. I love the Odessa ward and the strength it has given me as a missionary! 

Tagalog 101
Pagbabayad- Sala which is used for the word ATONEMENT literally translates to paying for sins commited. 
When Christ suffered for our sins he paid for them, when someone pays for something they are taking it upon themselves you dont have to worry about it. Allow Christ atonement to be used in your life! Allow him to take the burdens that weigh you down and let your be free to have happiness and joy! Men are that they might have joy!! 

Love you all, 
Sister Mahe

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